tips  |  09 Aug 2021

How to identify and review your best tendering opportunities

Be the first to identify new tendering opportunities and carefully review the tender notification to make the right decision to go ahead with the tender process or not.

Deciding which tender to go for.

Did it ever happened to you that after spending some time on a tender you discover that actually you're missing some conditions to tender and maybe that's not the right bid for you? How do you evaluate your possibility to win a tender before even starting the writing process?

Organisation is the key to review your tender opportunities, so we have put down a little guide to help you get organised and concentrate your efforts on the best tendering opportunities for your business.

Identify the right tendering opportunities

The first step into tendering is of course to find the right tender for business! There are many web portals where it is possible to lookup open tender opportunities, including government websites and private companies listings.

With Bidio you can search all federal and state government tenders in one single place. Our unique search feature makes for a super easy way to identify open tender opportunities that are relevant to your business. If you are a registered user, with just one click you can view a shortlist of open tenders related to the industry category and the states selected for your account at the moment of registration. With our specially developed Tender Tracker, you can also track a tender from open, closed to awarded. 

Once you have a shortlist of possible tendering opportunities, read carefully the description of each tender notice and evaluate with your team which one is right for your business.

Be one step ahead of your competitors

Applying for a tender takes time and effort, so it is very important to identify new tendering opportunities as soon as they become available to the market. Online you can find many companies that offer tender alert services. is no exception and it offers free tender notifications directly to your inbox. With this free tender alert you can be notified as soon as a new tender related to your account specifications comes up in one of the government listings.

But that's not a novelty... What if you could identify a tender opportunity BEFORE it actually appears in the usual lists?

To make this possible Bidio has created very intuitive graphic visualisations that show you a "pipeline of opportunities". We all know that many contracts are renewed, or better, offered again and again, once the contract end date is met. That's the beauty of some government jobs: you know they'll always need to build new roads or to check the security of their offices or to clean the parks. So with the "pipeline of opportunities" you can take a quick look at the government contracts that are ending in the next few months. Once you register to you can have this information directly on your personal dashboard, where the ending contracts are selected according to your industry category and states. Now that you have a list of contracts ending soon (without tedious advanced searches on the government websites) you can easily identify which contracts will most probably give life to a new tender opportunity for your business.

Review the conditions of tendering

Once you have determined which tender you would like to apply for, be sure to completely understand the specific conditions of the tender you have chosen. 

  1. Once you have downloaded the tender documentation you will need to identify the conditions of the tender – these are usually found in the main tender document.
  2. When you have identified the conditions, it is recommended you review the list very carefully and that you can answer yes to all the conditions listed in the documentation.

If you are not able to answer yes to every single condition, it is recommended you do not participate in this tender.

When Government organisations issue tenders, they are looking for businesses that can meet all their needs. If you are not in a position to meet the conditions of the tender your tender won’t make it through the first round of the tender review process and will not be considered further with the rest of the tender applicants.

Check the evaluation criteria

Within the main tender document, you will be able to identify the evaluation requirements. This is a list of criteria (usually weighted) which will score your tender response against your competition. Ensure you can addressed each evaluation criteria appropriately and can provided the required detail.

If the weighting of the criteria is available, undertake a realistic and critical review assessment of how competitive you will be in the process. This is essential to make certain you can have a compelling case to win the work as the better your bid scores on each criteria, the better your overall score in the evaluation process.  

Go or No-Go decision making

Now that you have reviewed the conditions of tendering and the evaluation criteria, you are in the very best position to decide whether to continue or withdraw from the tender process.

To help your business make the right decision Bidio has created a detailed checklist with a series of Yes/No questions and answers to verify if you're ready to tender. If you want to check your eligibility to Government tenders, complete Bidio’s Tender Readiness Self- Assessment or download our go/no-go checklist.

Should you require any assistance with your tender process, creators offer professional consultancy through Procure Spot Pty Ltd, with a team of industry experts with over 22 years of experience in Government procurement.