tips  |  10 Jan 2022

Types of Tendering for Government Agencies in Australia

Every day, local, state, and federal agencies invite businesses to bid on contracts for products and services the government needs.

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This bidding process, known as “tendering,” allows many different types of organisations to compete in order to be awarded these contracts and the revenue they provide.

There are a lot of similarities with how tenders are presented, and how the bidding and application system works. But there are some differences as well. For example, there are different types of tendering made available in the public sector, depending on the contract and agency.

Common Types of Tendering makes it easy to search through both current and past tenders, awards, and more, so that you can find tenders that are right for you and analyse past contracts to determine how you can make a winning bid. We encourage you to set up an appointment with our team members to learn more about how Bidio works and how it can help you contest government contracts.

One component you’ll want to pay attention to is the different types of tenders. Some of these include:

  • Public Tenders – Also known as “Open Competition,” these are the tenders that are open to anyone that meets the qualification criteria of the buyer. These are typically the tenders that first-time suppliers use because any company that qualifies is allowed to apply.
  • Selective or Restricted Tenders – On occasion, when there is already an existing list of possible suppliers, tenders may be listed as “selective” or “restricted.” In this case, only an existing list of suppliers, typically those that have already been awarded tenders in the past or are specialists in the field, are invited to these tenders.
  • Sole Tenders – Finally, when there is only one business that is capable of providing the services the company needs, the government may list a “sole tender.” There is no competition for this type of tender, as it is typically being offered to a specific company. It is also more commonly used when there is a short timeframe and the evaluation process would cause problems for the government agency.

Every day, local, state and federal government offices release tenders and ask businesses to apply. Open/Public tenders are the most common, but all types of tenders – now or in the future – have the potential to be contested by your business. makes it easier than ever to find tenders, apply to them, and analyse what is needed for a winning bid.

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