Tender Readiness Assessment

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Checking you are ready to tender

Getting started | Before you tender

Before you tender for a Government contract, it is important to check that you are tender ready!

A tender readiness self-assessment is a unique tool offered to businesses to determine and understand their readiness to tender for Government work. It is a simple checklist with a series of Yes/No questions and answers to verify tender readiness. 

To apply for Government tenders, you will need to meet a number of compulsory requirements. To determine your eligibility, complete Bidio’s Tender Readiness Self- Assessment Checklist to get you tender ready!

Business Structure

Tick the applicable boxes below.


Do you have the following insurance?

Capability and Capacity

Tick the box if yes is your answer.


Tick the box if yes is your answer.


Tick the box if yes is your answer.


Tick the box if yes is your answer.


Bidding for government work is a fantastic opportunity to provide an additional revenue stream, however it can be a significant challenge for any business. We therefore recommend that you tender for government work only if you can meet all above minimum requirements.

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