reports  |  25 Oct 2021

Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) Government Tender Facts

The Australian government is committed to supporting SMEs through their procurement strategies and here are some interesting facts to consider.

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In 2018, an additional 35 percent of contracts valued up to $20 million were sourced to SMEs. 

In 2019-20 there were 81,174 contracts awarded according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics with a combined value of $53.9 billion. 85.1% of Federal Government Suppliers in 2019-2020 were estimated to be SMEs.

Top 5 SME Categories

  1. Engineering and Research and Technology-Based Services 2019-2020: 56.0% of this category at 5,393 contracts awarded.
  2. Building and construction and maintenance services: 54.0% of this category at 2,138 contracts awarded.
  3. Commercial and military and private vehicles and their accessories and components: 52% of this category at 3,348 contracts awarded.
  4. Management and business professionals and administrative services: 46% of this category at 12,979 contracts.
  5. Information technology broadcasting and telecommunication: 45% of this category at 3,212 contracts awarded.

The 2019-20 figures indicate an ongoing strength of participation by SMEs in Commonwealth procurement processes.