tips  |  01 Sep 2021

How to build a Pipeline of tender opportunities

How can businesses build a pipeline of tender opportunities so that they can be notified before they come to market?

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The Australian Government issues over 80,000 tenders every year and a percentage of these are reissued again to the market when each contract ends. So, how can businesses build a pipeline of these opportunities so that they can be notified before the contract end date?

This contract data is scattered across many government websites and databases. However at Bidio we have developed a unique tool that brings this data into one central spot.

With Bidio‚Äôs focused analysis feature a business can build a pipeline of opportunities into the future so that they can plan ahead. This feature is by far the most valuable feature our team has built! Those who have subscribed to our Premium Plan have full access! You can obtain insights right down to a specific keyword and compare multiple categories, contractors and agencies all on one chart! 

This feature allows businesses to be aware of major opportunities that may come back to the market, when they are expected to be released, and who to contact for further information.

While this pipeline may be useful for business planning, always remember plans may change. With a Bidio subscription, you can view contracts by publish date, search by contract award notice number or conduct an advanced search using a range of criteria such as contractor names, ABNs and business categories. 

Using Bidio enables you to keep an eye out for Agency Procurement Plans and contract end dates and will provide you with valuable information about what opportunities are coming up, allowing you to start planning for a successful tender response.