Procurement Analytics

Enabling visibility into government spending

We utilise procurement data scattered across all tiers of government to deliver insightful analysis for government and corporations.

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Visual insights for all industries

Migrate from your legacy reporting systems to a modern platform that everyone will love. procurement analytics portal deep dives into industry and public sector segments enabling robust market intelligence for procurement professionals and bid managers.

At, we are committed to delivering quick and clear procurement information across all Australian States and Federal government departments. Thanks to our world leading platform it is possible to visualise large volumes of procurement data in a coherent approach that in turn helps buyers and suppliers draw valuable insights into key industry segments.

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Awarded contracts spend comparison in Australia

The federal government awards over 80.000 contracts every year. State and local governments collectively award even more. With you can easily compare spend by industry category, by contractor or by government agency. All our charts are interactive, so with a single click it is possible to increase the significance of your procurement or bid strategy.

See recently awarded contracts or historical government procurement data with Bidio's easy search function and analytical tools.

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Procurement Analytics Software

This platform enables industry sectors and government jurisdictions to deep dive into specific categories, agencies and suppliers to gain real-time insights all in one place. It also allows businesses to understand government behaviour in the outsourcing of specific services and the trends and frequencies of all government approaches to the market.

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"Traditionally speaking, procurement analytics is an insular approach to gaining procurement insights for governments and big businesses. These insights are often limited to their own purchasing trends and spend limitations".

Revisualizing procurement data! uses this same data and revisualizes it by lifting it up and stretching it across entire industry segments and government jurisdictions. In this way, government procurement professionals have access to actionable insights into buying trend across whole categories to optimise procurement strategy and plans.